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Inis Oirr
The Inis Oirr MK 2 room heating stove is a mid-sized stove comfortably delivering 9kw nominal out..
Inis Oirr Boiler
The InisOirr Mark 2 is a smallest of our boiler stove models and it is designed to heat 6 to 9 ra..
Inis Airc
The Inis Airc is ideal for fireplace settings and, whilst the smallest of the Inis models, it boa..
Inis Meain
The InisMeain MK 2 room heating stove is the largest of our room heating stoves and it comfortabl..
Inis Meain Boiler
The InisMeain Mark 2 is an upper mid sized boiler stove and it is designed for heating 12-16 radi..
Inis Mor Boiler
The InisMor Mark 2 is the largest boiler stove that Inis Stoves produce and it is designed to sat..
Inis Bofin
The InisBofin Insert Stove transforms a standard fireplace into an efficient and environmentally ..
Kensal 20
Compact yet powerful, the Kensal 20 not only has the performance and fuel efficiency to heat your..
Kensal 33
If you have a little more space available then the Kensal 33 will provide you with the extra heat..
Kensal 40
The Kensal 40 models offer significant heating potential as well as the opportunity to provide ho..
Kensal 40 Slimline
This space-saving Slimline version of the Kensal 40 is 3” (75mm) narrower in depth than the stand..
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